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“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.”
(Charles Schaefer)


Who are we?

We are an enthusiastic, professional team with more than ten years of experience. All team members are different, and this diversity is the key for our clients to be satisfied with the outdoor and indoor playgrounds created by us. There are team members who are creative and have great individual ideas, while others are more precise. We have people who are experts of technical solutions, and we even have a standard expert too. This small team is efficiently supported by our installers, who precisely bring the concept to life on the spot and solve all problems that might arise quickly and efficiently.

In the planning phase we consider all aspects (ideas, safety, standards, price, local factors, etc.), and by bearing in mind our clients’ needs, we make the most of a given project.

We like challenges, diversity and unique solutions. We enjoy working together, when creative thoughts can fly. Individual ideas join forces, the chain links form a chain and in the end, we can find a beautiful medal: the CONCEPT. Our greatest pleasure is when our concept becomes reality and we can see many gleaming eyes and smiling faces when kids play.

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IPS-Gyermekszem Kft.

Phone number: +36 26 560 358

Fax: +36 26 560 359

E-mail: info@ips-gyermekszem.hu

Address: 2084 Pilisszentiván, Hársfa utca 2/A

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