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Project Description

The magical world of indoor playgrounds

There are many types of indoor playgrounds. One of them is the smaller, skill-enhancing room, where kids can play in a friendly environment with different role-playing games or other toys which can be used on tables. Bigger indoor playgrounds exist too, which already have a steel structure (usually known as the labyrinth) and in which the smallest kids can have a separate corner. And of course there are funparks, which consist of huge halls which provide different activities for smaller and bigger children as well. In funparks, the creators also think of adults and teens, and this kind of environment could not be called an island of peace.


This variety is very much needed, since there are many people, who like to take their children to places where peace and harmony surround them, while others don’t want their children to release all their energy in their home, they would like to see them going berserk in a safely built indoor playground.

Although it may seem from the outside that children only go wild, but actually it is much more than that. They try to overcome their own limits while using the tools, and they also learn how to care about and help smaller children, if they are stuck at one of the obstacles. During overcoming obstacles they use different muscles and their movement coordination and problem-solving skills develop.

All this happens in a magical world: in jungles, farms, among fairies or knights. There are no two identical play structures and there are no two identical playground. We design everything for the given location based on the client’s needs, while complying to all regulations. The wide range of built-in activities guarantees that the indoor playgrounds will not become boring even on several hundred or thousand square meters either. The structure is made of galvanized steel and makes it possible to create labyrinth with even 6 or 7 levels. Our experienced and continuously trained, professional team guarantees a safe and quality playground to our clients in all aspects.

If it depends on us, then every indoor playground will become a wonderful, unique place, which provides joyful fun for the entire family.