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Project Description

Playground – The key to carefree freedom

What does the word ’playground’ mean to people? For us, it is a green area under the blue sky, where kids can get together and they can crawl, climb, slide, run around and have fun. In a playground, children don’t have to keep their clothes tidy and sit in silence. Here children, teens and adults can be themselves too. A public space. Public, because it develops the socialising skills and empathy of children. Public, because teens can show their newest tricks in the skateboard park in front of the approving gazes of their peers. Public, because parents can discuss the best practices and the news of the world.


And what is a good playground? A place which provides this freedom, leisure and buoyancy invisibly because the main feature is not the playground itself. It is the battle the boys fight on the play castle. Or the cooperation which develops among the ‘mother’ girls when cooking dinner in the sandpit. The playground is a tool. A tool with which everybody can experience what the playground means to them in a safe, nice and tasteful environment.

With our nice and tasteful toys we make beautiful and safe scenery from the yard of kindergardens, nurseries and schools, or public playgrounds using standard products or specifically designed outdoor elements. Whatever one chooses, safety is guaranteed, since all of our tools comply with the regulations of the MSZ EN 1176 standard, and with the help of our shock absorbing surfaces we can provide safety at all palying heights.