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Project Description

Playroom, playcorner – Efficient help for families with small children

The parents of small children have difficulties with everday chores like shopping or visiting a doctor. Playing and running around are elementary needs for children. They cannot tolerate being in one place, keeping quiet or being regulated for too long. Situations like these could mean stress factors in the life of families, and naturally parents try to avoid these as much as they can.


Many service providers try to help parents who arrive with small children, and to entertain kids during a wait, one does not need a large area. An empty wall is more than enough to put up skill-enhancing panels in a doctor’s office, banks, pharmacies or post offices. A corner can be separated in restaurants or shops to provide different soft elements for children. These investments will prove to be useful, since clients will be much calmer and nicer when dealing with administrative tasks.

In hotels, plazas, airports and fitness centers it is practical to dedicate a whole room to playing where kids can move as much as they want. It is important to provide small kids colourful and spectacular games as well as enough room for running around. In these rooms kids can roam the realm of fantasy freely and carelessly: they can run around, play on the slides and monkey bars, draw, so in a nutshell, have fun. Besides, they can also make friends with other kids. The theme of a room gives them the opportunity to become castle guards or skippers in a safe, joyful and nice environment.