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Soft safety

Children develop through their experiences. In their life they encounter many dangers, and these things are essential for survival: hot oven doors, high steps, slamming doors and drawers. These experiences and the possible pains are needed for developing techniques, with which these dangers can be avoided in the future. Children look for dangerous situations while playing to improve their skills. Small kids like to climb on blocks which seem to be inaccesible. Maybe they fall off the first time, but they become more and more adept and success will be the result of their tenacity. It is important to acquire these experiences in a safely-built environment and to test their limits with safe tools.

We are committed to ensure that all our playgrounds and playhouses should meet all safety requirements. Our company delivers all playground elements and playhouses with appropriateness certificates issued by organizations appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Transport. These certificates prove that the given playgrounds or playhouses suit all safety regulations.